Sign a commercial or housing lease to set up your studio: rights and obligations of artists

Les Baux et les arts consists of a series of publications of legal tools developed with the organization Éducaloi, intended to equip artists in the negotiation and management of their leases. These tools provide artists with extensive legal information on their obligations and the protection of their rights regarding the rental of workshops and creative spaces.

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Legal guide

This guide is intended to be resolutely practical, covering both the daily management of a workshop and specific milestones. It contains, for example, useful information for negotiating a commercial lease, signing a residential lease, selling the building where the workshop is located or carrying out work in the workshop. It offers multiple legal information necessary for understanding the obligations and protection of artists' rights.

Publication date: December 2020

Author: Éducaloi


Montreal Arts Council

Julien Valmary, Director of Support and Strategic Initiatives

Marie-Michèle Cron, Cultural Advisor – Digital Arts and Visual Arts

City of Montreal

Francine Fortin, Director of real estate transactions, real estate management and planning department

Geneviève Pichet, Director of cultural development, culture department

Mélanie Courtois, Planning Advisor – Artist workshops, culture department

Dedicated to supporting artists in their process of renting a studio, the “Les Baux et les arts” tools cover the many legal aspects associated with it.