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Services and resources to sustain and develop creative spaces

Mélanie Courtois
Mélanie Courtois

Create tailor-made collaborations to support the presence of cultural spaces in developing territories

Despite the essential role of artists in territorial development, maintaining and developing places of creation represents a territorial challenge for which I support you

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tailor-made collaborations


While artists are recognized players in the development of territories, the increase in the costs of the real estate market and its volatility are weakening the presence of places of artistic creation.

Concerned by this issue and passionate about this sector of activity, I specialized in tools, strategies, and business models that sustainably promote the presence of artistic creation spaces. "

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Our values

Vision & Missions

MCo Atelier collaborates with territorial development stakeholders and cultural organizations to develop structuring tools and projects that will allow artists to work in optimal conditions in places they already occupy or in new, affordable, accessible creative spaces. , adapted to their artistic practices, and which will anchor vibrant living environments in the territories where they are located.


Supporting access to artistic creation in developing territories through the development of sustainable place projects and structuring tools

Produce and share collective knowledge in cultural planning