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Strategic thinking

Support for structuring the ecosystem

Develop strategies and tools promoting the presence of artistic creation spaces
Program development,
Strategic planning (territorial or sectoral action plan),
Risk Assessment
Any other custom needs!

Examples of production:

Implementation of the innovation laboratory for creative spaces - Conseil des arts de Montréal (2023-2024)
Design, implementation and coordination of the support program for the establishment of collective cultural real estate projects in Montreal – Conseil des arts de Montréal (2020-2023)
Coordination of the action plan for the protection and development of artists' studios - City of Montreal (2019-2021)
Development of the content of the subsidy program for the renovation of buildings into artists' studios (budget of $30 million) - Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec and City of Montreal (2020-2021)
Management of the subsidy program for the occupation of an artist's studio from the culture department of the City of Montreal (2020-2021)

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