Historically, what we called lofts were residences and workshops reserved particularly for the artistic community, inside old warehouses or industrial buildings. Bricks, beams, pipes, the decor of the loft was raw! But over time, the term “loft” began to be used for increasingly luxurious and even family homes.

Host: Marc-André Carignan, Host, author and columnist in politics, municipal affairs and urban development

Guest(s): David Girard, History consultant / Julie Podmore, Assistant professor in the department of geography, planning and environment, Concordia University / Gilles Dempsey, Artist and manager, Le 4060 St-Laurent / Serge Clément, Photographer / Mélanie Courtois, Cultural real estate consultant / Nathalie Clément, Director, Via Capitale du Mont-Royal

Production: Media knowledge

More information on the “Our houses” series:

An architect by training, host Marc-André Carignan sets out to discover various types of residences which have established themselves in recent decades in the four corners of the province, and which have sometimes become the signature of certain neighborhoods. From the "shoebox" to the veteran's house, the show traces the history of these architectures and presents the evolution of these houses and the lifestyle of their occupants, from yesterday to today, in the company historians, sociologists and architects. Approached from the angle of architecture, the Our houses series in fact relates the evolution of our lifestyles, richly illustrated by period visual archives.